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Cost of Attendance for First Year Student

The Financial Calculator is designed with the aim of providing the quickest and most convenient tool for First Year Students to calculate their total expenses during their first year of study. You can customize it based on your Major; Term (semester or academic year); and Expected Scholarship/ Financial Aid Offered.

The Total expenses are classified into 2 categories: Fixed fees (including Tuition Fees, Accommodation) and Variable expenses. You can adjust the Variable expenses based on your personal needs.

Detailed description of each item is provided below.

Expected Scholarship / Financial Aid Offered
Expenditure Cost Term
Tuition Fees

The tuition fees include all academic expenses such as teaching, research, internships, clinical practice, industry-immersion semester, and regular campus educational activities.

Accommodation The accommodation fees include dormitory facilities, internet, common restroom area, technical fee, parking, electricity and water. First-year students are required to stay in the VinUni's dormitory.

The food fees depend on individual's need. For references, each meal at VinUni's canteen cost 35,000 VND (~1.5 USD).

Personal Care Personal care includes hygiene products and laundry supplies. We recommend the fees for personal care range from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 VND (~45 to 90 USD).
Basic Shopping Basic shopping includes clothes, school supplies (books, learning tools). The costs for school supplies may vary depend on each course's requirements. We recommend the minimum budget of 1,000,000 VND (~45 USD).
Social Activities Social activities can be described as meeting social, cultural, recreational, or welfare needs of college students. For example: Entertainment fee, club fee, ...

* The USD to VND conversion rate is 1 : 23,310.

* The above fees don't include one time purchase items such as laptop, computer, calculator,...

* The above fees don't include Health Insurance. Student without valid Health Insurance card will have to pay for the compulsory health insurance package during the period of study at the VinUniversity.

Compulsory health insurance fee for Vietnamese Students: 563,220 VND (~25 USD) per year

Compulsory health insurance fee for International Students: 5,700,000 VND (~245 USD) per year