VinUniversity organizes STEM training course for teachers from three regions of the country

January 10, 2020

From 15 December to 21 December 2019, more than 120 high school teachers took part in a STEM training course held by VinUniversity. After a successful training course participants shared that STEM is a beneficial journey where teachers can learn, practice and apply new teaching methods to students at local high schools.

During the first two days, teachers were trained on various aspects of STEM education by top experts, highlighting the benefits of STEM in teaching. Unlike normal subjects, STEM offers teachers and students the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge which is directly applicable in their daily lives.

Associate Professor Pham Ngoc Nam, Ph.D., Director of VinUniversity STEM training, delivering the opening speech

Ms. Vu Thu Trang, mathematics teacher at Hon Gai High School said: “I am very impressed with the STEM course organized by VinUniversity. I have gained new experience when designing such new materials which are usable and practically applicable in teaching. Moreover, it is real-life-based knowledge, so STEM education is useful for everyone.”

STEM education values the practice and in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge

In the next four days, teachers gained opportunities to get a deeper understanding of subjects such as robotics, sensor robots, and nanotechnology through many practical activities. In the robot math class, teachers had a chance to design and program their own “race car” which could move on its own and avoid obstacles on the road.

Race cars designed by high school teachers

“This has been a wonderful experience and I believe that through this method of teaching and the experience we gained from the course, we will be able to create exciting STEM activities that make students excited and, above all, encourage them to create their own products”, shared Ms. Tran Thi Gai, a biology teacher at Vinh University High School for Gifted Students.

In order to gain a certificate of completion for the training course, teachers needed to pass rigorous evaluation criteria including a test of personal knowledge on topics, group lesson presentations and study records.

VinUniversity was honored to have the teachers visit the campus to share the excitement that the first elite university is about to grow significantly, contributing to the country’s development.

Teachers visit inside of VinUniversity’s campus

120 high school teachers at VinUniversity

After seven days of training and passing the assessment, 120 teachers proudly received certificates of recognition and three outstanding participants received a special gift of a Vsmart Live smartphone.

VinUniversity believes that besides providing practical knowledge for teachers and students, this training program is also an opportunity for VinUniversity to create a positive impact on the community to further develop STEM education in Vietnam.