VinUniversity Students’ Remarks on 3 Opportunities for Learning and Growing during Internship at Vinhomes

July 16, 2022

Last semester, VinUniversity students of College of Business and Management had the opportunity to complete a 5-in-5 internship at the Marketing department of Vinhomes Joint Stock Company. The professional working environment not only gives them the industry’s practical insights but also valuable experiences about its people with their self-motivation and sense of responsibility. Let’s check out these  meaningful remarks from our VinUniversity students!


Le Minh, a sophomore, revealed that for him, the most admirable thing about the company is the “atomization” culture. Instead of using more human resources to complete one job, Vinhomes aims to train individuals for the capacity of handling the whole process. As a result, the employees’ competencies will increase rapidly over the time and naturally form their strategic vision as leaders. It is known that “atomization” is also the strategy for human resource management and development at Vingroup.

VinUni’s students taking internship at Vinhomes


During the course of internship at Vinhomes, students of the College of Business and Management gained valuable exposure to a wide range of new knowledge related to marketing, from strategic planning, content development for various communication channels, to organizing events and meeting with partnered agencies.

“One of the valuable lessons I learned is that one should always stay eager to learn, not afraid to ask or execute ideas and he will pick up plenty of valuable skills and knowledge along the way”, Nguyen Quynh Anh, a first-year student at College of Business and Management shared.

VinUni’s students supporting the LUMIÈRE Boulevard event


“Everybody here is always willing to share their experiences and to work together for the best outcomes. Our seniors paid attention to our opinions and gave detailed comments on our works, facilitating us to learn new things at our best. Even the smallest contributions are appreciated here. I feel truly grateful for that,” Le Minh said.


As part of the VinUniversity College of Business and Management’s Industry Engagement Program, students will spend every Friday (no-school day) for 5 consecutive weeks interning in various positions at their selected companies to understand their business models before deciding on which company they want to intern at in the summer.

Besides the Vinschool Education System, VinUniversity students are also interning at other leading businesses in Hospitality, such as Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts; in Telecommunications, such as Viettel Digital Services and FPT Telecom; in Finance, such as Ernst & Young, Woori Bank, and so on. Furthermore, students can participate in a diverse range of activities to accumulate knowledge and get to know different companies, namely:

👉 INDUSTRY SPEAKER SERIES: A series of exchanges and experience sharing activities with leaders of domestic and international companies.

👉 INDUSTRY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Students will be paired with a mentor to receive advice and learn from their experience as well as to gain an understanding about the industry.

👉 COMPANY VISIT: Field-trip events to learn about various companies.

👉 SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Students’ internship program during summer.