3 Pragmatic Lessons about Hospitality, Services, and People Management at Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake and Intercontinental Landmark 72

June 30, 2022

Recently, VinUniversity students of Hospitality Management major had the opportunity to understand the operating process of a high-end restaurant or hotel as they were “immersed” in the real world early with the 5-in-5 internship program at InterContinental Landmark 72 Hotel and Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake.

VinUniversity students of Hospitality Management major had the opportunity to join the 5-in-5 internship program at Intercontinental Hanoi Westlake.

At the end of their internship, VinUniversity students made a presentation with a proposal for solutions to a real-life challenge given by the hotel’s human resources director: “How to improve the customer experience?”

During the internship, the students were rotated through 4 different departments in 4 days: Lobby, F&B, Human Resources and Housekeeping to obtain the most comprehensive overview of the business environment, products, services and culture, from which to pick up valuable pragmatic lessons. Here are the lessons shared by VinUniversity students:

Lesson 1: “The importance of understanding the core values ​​of the hotel and the characteristics of its product offerings for customers.”

At the end of the internship, Thanh Hang, student of College of Business and Management, intern at IHWL, concluded that: “The hotel staff will not be able to sell products and services without an in-depth understanding of such products and services.” It is the characteristics, culture, and core values ​​of the hotel as well as the products it brings to customers.

VinUniversity students made a presentation about solutions to a real-life challenge given by the hotel’s human resources director: “How to improve the customer experience?

Lesson 2: “Only through the tough situations can our bravery and skills be built”

“At Intercontinental Landmark 72, I feel immensely surprised at their willingness to involve new employees in tough situations. On the first day of work, I had the chance to take a front-office position and serve important guests such as the General Director of Metropole and the ASEAN delegation who came to the conference at the hotel” – Pham Le Bich Ngoc, a student at College of Business and Management shared.

Lesson 3: “The importance of emphasizing the “human” factor in the business environment and working culture”

“Ultimately, the hospitality industry is about offering a delightful customer experience, but in order to do so, employees must first have an equally delightful work experience, which in turn can transform into joy and pride in our customers.” – Ngoc shared.


As part of the Industry Engagement Program of VinUniversity’s College of Business and Management, the 5-in-5 internship allows students to spend every Friday (No-school Day) for 5 consecutive weeks working in the company of their registered choice to gain an understanding of the operating model of the business. What makes 5-in-5 Internship outstanding is the opportunity to experience in many different fields before deciding to officially commit to a workplace for the summer internship.

In addition to InterContinental Hanoi Westlake and InterContinental Landmark 72, VinUniversity students are continuing to challenge themselves at leading companies in the hospitality industry such as Sheraton Hotels and Resorts; telecom industry such as Viettel Digital Services, FPT Telecom; financial major firms such as Ernst & Young, Woori Bank…. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to participate in many other diverse activities to gain experience and knowledge about practical businesses including:

  • INDUSTRY SPEAKER SERIES: A series of exchange and experience sharing activities with leaders of domestic and foreign enterprises.
  • INDUSTRY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Students will be paired with a dedicated mentor among respectable experts, managers, and business leaders to listen to their advice and sharing as well as to learn from their experience and the industry.
  • COMPANY VISIT: Field trip to get to know companies.