Curious about Life at VinUniversity? Check out VinUniversity’s Student-run Blog!

August 9, 2022

With the hopes of sharing their meaningful experiences at VinUniversity, VinUniversity’s students have come together and set up a blog called Sincerely, VinUnians – as a way of saying each post is an intimate letter addressed to the reader.

The blog’s main topics include:

🔷 Start-ups and Competitions

This column will reveal students’ thoughts on their journey to building a start-up, which aims to inspire fellow students to think big, dream big, and act big.

🔷 Internships

Similar to a blog-style LinkedIn profile of Vinunians, this column will share students’ real-world internship experiences. Not all internships are “rosy”, yet the failures, rejections, and brutal comments sometimes help us grow even faster.

🔷 Behind the Research

Why are VinUnians researching LED lights? Why are they looking into elderly care home models? Let’s learn more about their concerns, all-nighters, and thoughts in order to produce recognized articles and research projects.

🔷 Community Services

Everybody knows community service contributes to a better society, but not everyone has the time or commitment to work on a project. This column will bring the stories, the laughter, and the happiness experienced by VinUnians as they embark on projects to give back, encouraging readers to participate.

🔷 Campus Life

Late-night ramens with friends, catching up with deadlines until morning, or ice-cream treats from the Provost will probably be some of the best memories for VinUnians. If you are still worried about fitting in on your first year of university, this column is for you!

👉 Explore the blog here: