VinUniversity Opens the Second Admissions Round for Graduate Medical Education Programs

May 16, 2022

Application deadline: 23:59 on 27th May, 2022 – Apply Now!

✔  Applicants graduating late this year may supplementarily submit their degrees before the admission date.

✔  100% admitted applicants of VinUniversity Graduate Medical Education Programs will be granted 100% scholarship (up to $40,000/year) and a monthly living stipend. Every resident will be guaranteed jobs at the Vinmec Healthcare system with an attractive career track and competitive salary.

Aware that students of some medical universities will graduate late due to the COVID-19, to create a favorable condition for our candidates, VinUniversity opens a second admissions round from now until 23:59 27th May, 2022; at the same time provides necessary support so that the candidates graduating late can be eligible to apply.

In this second admissions round, the applications will be examined consecutively. Early applications will be processed and given results early.

Apply online here:

Key dates:

16th July, 2022 (tentative): IFOM Clinical Science Examination (CSE) for candidates passing the application round.

August, 2022: Interview round for candidates passing the IFOM® CSE

September, 2022: Successful candidates announcement

November, 2022 (tentative): Official admission day (Candidates graduating late can submit supplementary materials before this day)


Contact the Admissions Office via email: or phone number 18008189 for support and consultation!