January 2, 2020

On December 24, 2019, VinUniversity and National Children Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on strategic cooperation in training elite human resources in the field of health sciences and scientific research. The goal of the cooperation is to provide excellent opportunities for training human resources in the health sciences sector to create a high-quality health workforce for the community and promote scientific research that meets the highest international standards.

Under the agreement, the two sides, VinUniversity and National Children Hospital will collaborate in educating students and personnel in clinical practice, scientific research in health sciences, and in exchanging personnel to benefit both organizations.

The signing moment between VinUniversity and National Children Hospital

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Rohit Verma – Founding Provost of VinUniversity, brought a bit of humor to the solemn ceremony, “Since the Children’s hospital knows how to take excellent care of babies, we feel good about working with them to support our baby University, the VinUniversity.”

Specifically, the National Children Hospital will be the practice base for students of the Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing, Residency in Internal Medicine of the College of Health Sciences at VinUniversity. As a specialized hospital in the field of Pediatrics, the National Children Hospital has the potential to meet the practical needs of students and students of VinUniversity’s Health Sciences Faculty.

The National Children Hospital will also nominate qualified medical staff with high professional qualifications to meet VinUni’s clinical faculty selection criteria and attend the clinical lecturer training course for VinUniversity health sciences faculty, taught by the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn, USA), VinUniversity’s strategic partner. Besides, the two sides will also coordinate in the design and organization of scientific research projects and topics in the medical industry; conferences and seminars on the professional exchange; training courses to strengthen management capacity, clinical teaching capacity and scientific research capacity for faculty members of the two units.

Previously, in April 2018, Vingroup signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the University of Pennsylvania, one of the Ivy League schools to support VinUniversity in recruiting lecturers, enrollment, training and career development for Health Science students. In addition, UPenn will support the Health Sciences Division – VinUniversity to develop a program of doctoral system, in-patient specialist system and bachelor’s degree in nursing, who will be able to practice according to international standards and train lecturers clinical to improve the quality and expand specialized services for the health system, build a model of a practical basis for VinUni’s health sciences sector.

The strategic cooperation between the National Children Hospital and VinUniversity in preparing high-quality human resources and promoting scientific research is together, bringing two units closer to the goal of becoming the best childcare institute in Vietnam of National Children Hospital and becoming the best medical training institute in Vietnam of VinUniversity.