VinUni Student Researched and Successfully Developed the Automatic Grading System

December 4, 2020

Trinh Huu Gia Phuc, the Gold Medal winner of the International Olympic in Informatics, is a VinUni first-year student majoring in Computer Science. He has successfully developed an Automatic Grading System – Autograder, an open license framework aiming to grade students’ coursework on the open-source CMS (Contest Management System).

Students of the College of Engineering and Computer Science take on many fundamental subjects during the first year, one being COMP1010 – Introduction to programming. Many course works involve tens of thousands of coding lines, requiring the lecturers to spend a lot of time evaluating students’ results. Trinh Huu Gia Phuc recognized the need for a better grading structure and developed an automatic evaluating system for programming course works.

With this system, students will receive grades and comments on their work as soon as they submit them, instead of waiting several days until the lecturers complete the evaluation manually. Unlike the traditional marking method, this system will immediately highlight mistakes, so students have a chance to fix them. Students can then refine their works, resubmit, and receive grades multiple times, encouraging their active learning. This grading system will also help lecturers save time. The professor’s main task will be focusing on the design of the course work and confirming the students’ grades.

The Autograder system user interface

In the meantime, Gia Phuc and professors of the College of Engineering and Computer Science continue to add more features and improve the system for it to be used widely in programming subjects at school.

Gia Phuc’s project of an automatic grading system is part of the VinUni Independent Study Program. It allows students to participate in research projects with the University Professors and receive credits since the first year of their degree. Dr. Nguyen Viet Tu (College of Engineering and Computer Science) shares his acknowledgment for the freshman, who recognizes an existing problem, wants to solve it, and develops solutions independently. This attitude is what VinUni encourages its students to aspire for – applying theoretical research to solve practical problems.