Vingroup scholarships: Opportunities to study abroad for Vietnamese talents in science and technology

March 14, 2019
The Science and Technology Scholarships Program for Overseas Studies for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees” by Vingroup provides young Vietnamese talents with the opportunities to receive full scholarships to study abroad at the leading universities in the world.
Madam Le Mai Lan, Vice-Chairwoman of Vingroup and Managing Director of the VinUniversity Project, has shared about this newly announced scholarship program.
The Program is a component of the “Science and Technology Resources Development Project” (the Project) of Vingroup.
From 2019 to 2030, the Program will provide up to 100 fully funded scholarships per annum to Vietnamese talents to pursue master’s and doctoral degree programs. The scholarship recipients will study in the prioritized fields at excellent universities in different countries with leading science and technology in the world such as the United States of America, Russia, France, Australia, Israel, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Madam Le Mai Lan, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup and Managing Director of the VinUniversity Project

“Human resources 0.4 unable to innovate Technology 4.0”

– Vingroup has just announced its participation in the Technology sector but has taken some strategic steps in developing human resources. However, the investment in “human resource development” will be very different from other business areas. Why is Vingroup determined to make this investment?
Industrial Revolution 4.0 is making dramatic changes in today’s world. However, without high-quality human resources, the investment in technology, patents, inventions or production lines would not bring about any desired results.
Before making decision to participate in the Technology sector, we were well aware that we could not operate Technology 4.0 with “People 0.4”. Nevertheless, the “cultivation of people” cannot deliver results within a day or two; and thus, we are determined to invest in the training and development of human resources in a long-term and systematic manner, aiming towards sustainable efficiency.
This investment is not only to meet Vingroup’s demand for high-quality human resources but it is also our corporate social responsibility. The investment in highly trained human resources who will return to work for Vietnam is not only a practical contribution to the development of the country but also has a lasting positive impact.
According to the announcement, the supported fields of study are all very new in Vietnam. Do you believe the program will be successful?
The prioritized fields of study are very new, not only in Vietnam but also in the world. We do not choose the traditional and safe areas of study but choose key areas that can create a breakthrough for the development of science and technology of Vietnam in general and of Vingroup in particular.
Our partner professors greatly appreciate the academic background and the qualities of Vietnamese candidates in regard to the fields of mathematics and natural sciences. Our country has many potential talents. Though we still follow many developed countries in science and technology, if we invest properly, select the right talents, find the right instructors and send students to the best schools, I completely believe that we can still gain a head start and finish early by taking a shortcut.
Vingroup is ready to welcome the graduates
– What is the difference between the Vingroup Scholarship Program and other scholarship programs regarding the program implementation?
Our scholarship program is synchronously planned from the beginning to the end.
First and foremost, we identify areas in which Vietnam lacks high-quality human resources and needs to be prioritized. After that we lay out a list of targeted universities and prominent professors in each field.
Secondly, we are determined to ensure the quality of the applicants. Although the Program creates all favorable conditions and accepts all Vietnamese applicants who are either in Vietnam or abroad, the application and selection process must abide by the high technical standards especially to meet the admission requirements of the targeted universities in the world.
Thirdly, we guarantee full scholarship funding for the entire degree program.

Finally, the major difference between the Vingroup Scholarship Program and other programs is the integration support and employment opportunity connection. Students are mentored on career development opportunities so that they understand the “purpose of study” right from the scholarship application process. Throughout their course of study, we regularly update the students with information about career opportunities, remuneration and research conditions. When returning home, if they choose to work at Vingroup, we warmly welcome them and will provide them with the right job with the most deserving remuneration as well as a professional development roadmap.

Cornell University – a strategic partner of VinUniversity, among the 50 targeted universities of the Program

-Do you mean that the scholarship recipients are not required to work at Vingroup after completing their study? So do the scholarship recipients have to make any commitments, ma’am?
The scholarship recipients will need to commit to returning to Vietnam to work after completing their study programs. They can choose to work at one of Vietnam’s public universities or research institutes or at VinUniversity or Research Institutes or Companies under the Vingroup’s ecosystem for a duration of time at least equal to the duration of the study program sponsored by the scholarship, usually 2 years for a master’s degree and 5 years for a doctoral degree.
If the graduates choose to work at VinUniversity or Research Institutes or Companies of the Vingroup’s ecosystem, we will make sure that they will have a favorable working and research conditions as well as deserving remuneration so that they can focus on maximizing their qualifications and capacities. In fact, Vingroup has been attracting more and more high-quality human resources to work at the Group’s technological and industrial companies and research institutes.
If a scholarship recipient remains abroad or works for a for-profit organization, not a Vietnamese public institution/research institute or Vingroup, s/he will need to refund the scholarship grant in full so that the Program can provide the scholarships to other talents who need training and development.

– Thank you!

Where to find application information?
Information about the Program Announcement, the lists of qualified fields of study and targeted universities as well as attached forms are available at by March 15, 2019.
Contact the Scholarship Program via email at  or phone (+84) 24 71089779 – (Ext: 9029)