The impressive Assessment Day of very first admission round of VinUniversity

January 9, 2020

Around 200 excellent candidates were selected by VinUniversity to progress to the Stage 2 of the Admissions process:  particiapte in “Assessment Days, held in the first two weekends of January 2020 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The first week of Assessment Days of the early admission round of VinUniversity for the class of 2020 has ended with inspiring, fun and interesting experiences for faculty, staff and students!

Mr. Le Dinh Hieu, Student Admissions Director of VinUniversity were delivering the welcome speech

Following the holistic admission method of the world’s leading universities, students who have applied to VinUniversity have the opportunity to participate in direct interviews with VinUniversity professors and staff, who have many years of teaching experience, recruiting excellent students at top universities. Through the interviews, students had the opportunity to express their desire, share their passion and ambition as well as to get to know more about the professors and VinUniversity.

“This is one of the most valuable experiences in my life. I had in-person conversation with the top professors, world-class staff and I made a lot of interesting friends….” – shares an applicant from Dong Thap province.

Students were getting to know each others through group activities

To help the students get to know each other in a relaxed environment VinUniversity organized games and fun group activities for the students.

“I didn’t think that an in-person interview and assessment would bring me so many opportunities. … to improve communication skills, language capacity and teamwork skills.” – a smiling face from Hanoi says.

Physical activities helped students keep clear mind and relieve anxiety

Over this weekend, the remaining candidates who qualified for Stage 2 will participate in Assessment Day in Hanoi. After this, the VinUniversity leadership will convene to make decisions about admissions and financial support. Results from the Early Decision Round are expected to be released before the Tet holidays!

The first Assessment Day has ended with inspiring, fun and interesting experiences

VinUniversity faculty who met the students were impressed by the passion of the students to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others, and by their multi-faceted talent and hard work. The days were long for the faculty, but they were energized and ready to come back and have conversations with more students on Jan 11 and 12.