The choices we make!

November 7, 2019

Three years ago, when the leaders at VinGroup decided to create a university that would be the best in Vietnam and would proudly stand as a symbol of Vietnam’s emerging leadership, aspirations and ambition for innovation and economic growth, they chose to reach for the stars and build relationships with two of the best Universities of the world: Cornell University and University of Pennsylvania. These world-class universities, whose expert faculty and staff have guided and helped build VinUniversity’s vision for innovative research and teaching, continue to shine as the world’s leading educational institutions! We are so proud to congratulate our good friends, advisors, and collaborators at Cornell and UPenn for being named as the top ten most innovative universities in the world!

UPenn is ranked #4 in the world and Cornell is ranked #9 in the world ranking of the most innovative universities in the world! (

“We are our choices”, according to Jean-Paul Sartre, a famous French philosopher. The choices that we at VinUni have made in selecting our collaborators and partners – Cornell and UPenn- in building the university, speak to our commitment to excellence, innovation and to making a difference in the world.

Talents of Vietnam, soon it will be time for you to make a choice about which university will be the one that launches you into the world. We invite you to choose VinUniversity!