Scholarship program announcement for Master’s Degree in Cryptis at the University of Limoges, France – 2020

December 25, 2019

“The Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Master’s and Ph.D. overseas studies” (referred to as the Program) is a component of the Science and Technology Resources Development Project for Vietnam funded by Vingroup.

The mission of the Program is to find talents and develop them further so that they have the ability to lead and advance the development of science and technology in Vietnam. Key areas which are given high priority include molecular biology, renewable energy, genetics, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and information security…

Vingroup will provide fully-funded scholarships throughout the Master’s/Ph.D. degree program to cover tuition fee, stipend, airfare and insurance… for the scholarship recipients.

The Program will award the scholarships to the most talented Vietnamese applicants in the fields of Science and Technology who are living and working either in Vietnam or overseas. Applicants must not be over 30 years of age at the time they start their Master’s degree program and must be under 35 for Ph.D. degree. Winners are chosen based on individual merit, including academic performance and preparation, intellectual capability, language proficiency, and the potential and commitment for contribution to scientific education and research in Vietnam.

The scholarship application and selection process is open, competitive, transparent and free conducted by a Selection Committee of well-known professors/scientists in the fields.

Each scholarship recipient will have a contact point of the Project to help design a roadmap and provide advice and support throughout the course of study and research. This support scheme ensures that the scholarship recipients can optimize their intellectual capability in an overseas university environment while staying connected with the Vietnamese settings.

In 2019, the Program will award ten (10) full Master’s CRYPTIS scholarships including five (05) scholarships for the Master’s degree in mathematics, cryptology, coding and applications (MCCA) and five (05) scholarships for the Master’s degree in IT Security (SI) to study at the University of Limoges, France.

For the full announcement on the scholarship program, please see the Vietnamese version HERE


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 6:00 PM, February 29, 2020 (Vietnam Time)

Should you need more information about the Scholarship Program or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Scholarship Program via email at or call (+84) 24 71089779 (Ext: 9032 or 9006).