Rolling Admissions: Be the Early Bird that Gets the Worm!

April 5, 2020


VinUniversity Admissions is on a roll! Having awarded the most generous scholarships for undergraduate education in Vietnam to many students from all over Vietnam, we are continuing to review applications and interview talented students for admission to the Health Sciences, Business and Engineering and Computer Science programs at VinUni. For the next four weeks, until the end of April, we will review applications as they are submitted, interview the shortlisted students, and announce admission and scholarships on a weekly basis.

“If you apply earlier, you will receive an admissions decision earlier,” Amita Verma, Director of admissions at VinUniversity. “ we will accept applications until the spots for the incoming class are filled. So, I would advise students to apply sooner rather than later”.

So…if you have been putting off starting your application, or completing and submitting it, don’t delay anymore. At VinUni we value and reward motivation, initiative, ambition, and commitment. Not Procrastination! So, be the one who shows these qualities, get your application together now, and submit it soon so that you can be the Early Bird that Gets the Worm i.e. admission and scholarship!).

We will admit students only until the available spots at VinUni are filled, so don’t delay, or you might miss the opportunity to be a part of a transformational undergraduate education in Vietnam.

To learn about VinUni, check out our website. Tips about the application process are available on the website. Also, sign up for one of our webinars to learn more about how to submit a quality application.

This is your opportunity to reach out and grab the opportunity to change the course of your life! You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! So, go ahead and show your colors! Apply to VinUni now!

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