Professionalism for Medical Students from the very First Year of University

March 24, 2022

Apart from academic knowledge and skills, students of the Medical Doctor program (the College of Health Sciences) are prepared to have professional attitude and working style right from the first year of university.

This course in year one sets the foundations of professionalism. Students being active learners, will identify the core components of what it means to be a professional as a medical student and a doctor in later years. These components once identified, will determine the content to be discussed in the course in a variety of format, such as video, murals and stories. What is more exciting is that the students even decide the assessment criteria for their projects. This is what we called co-designing in the MD Program.

Throughout this course, medical students will learn and develop:

  • Professionalism as a Medical Student
  • Self-Awareness of developing a capacity for self-reflection and a willingness to engage in self-appraisal
  • Clinical and Research Ethics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication Skills in a variety of setting including oral, written and online.

“I put myself in the role of a doctor in some case studies in class to draw out valuable lessons and apply it to my studying” , shared Hoai Anh, first-year student of the Medical Doctor program

Creativity and critical thinking are the two important attributes of becoming a doctor. In MD program, we select students on their creative potentials and let it nourish throughout the six-year program.