Orientation Week 2020

October 12, 2020

Orientation Week is a series of social and academic activities to help the first cohort of students envision their 4-year or 6-year journey at VinUniversity. Students participate in multiple activities which help them familiarise with curriculum, campus, make friends and feel ready for the year ahead.


The long-awaited October 7 finally came when VinUniversity officially welcomed students to the campus, where they will start their independent journey within a multicultural and diverse living environment. With the campus designed for co-learning, co-living, and co-working, VinUniversity’s freshmen have the opportunity to not only learn from their professors and faculty, but also from their dormmates.

On October 7th, Move-in Day, the very first activity in the “Orientation Week” was organized systematically to ensure a smooth transition for students and parents from loading luggage to completing legal procedures. Above all, the university also implemented effective measurements such as social distancing and medical declaration to prevent the COVID-19.


The Auditorium turned into a bustling scene of activities on October 8 when the leadership, faculty, and staff at VinUniversity held a first official meeting with incoming students. In the morning, students listened to inspirational speeches. For example, Dr. Le Mai Lan’s story of how VinUniversity was born and Prof. Rohit Verma’s accounts on how his aspiration in education relates to VinUniversity students.

Additionally, students were given detailed instructions on how to use specialized software systems and facilities and VinUniversity; and how academic grading and AACC evaluation blend together to inform VinUniversity holistically on student performance.

Besides, there was a very important meeting for academic advising, where students are connected to advisors from various background and graduated from universities around the world. Such mentorship culminated in close conversations where everyone agrees that they can trust and talk to advisors about daily student life, academic goals, and future career path.


After 2 days with a robust scene of activities at VinUniversity, on the morning of October 9, students from the College of Business and Management (CBM), College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS), and College of Health Sciences (CHS) have enjoyed the experiential orientation sessions—providing a holistic view to prepare everyone for an exciting yet challenging academic journey ahead.

With most seats enthusiastically filled by proactive business students, the Team-based Learning room witnessed Orientation Program of CBM flourished under the guidance and participation of CBM faculty. At the same time, students at CECS were very excited to discover the super labs, equipped and designed with international standards, that foster innovation and empower Experiential Learning method. CHS has chosen VinMec Times City as a field site to conduct student orientation, right on the first days.


On October 10th, at the Sports Complex, VinUniversity freshmen had the opportunity to express their personality, teamwork skills and creativity through club exhibition activities – an occasion to elaborate their famed AACC and inspirations in ways meaningful to their fellow students.

In the afternoon, VinUniversity students actively kickstarted teambuilding games at the pristine stadium where their teamwork and leadership skills are put to a test. 3 days into the vigorous Orientation Week, students still exhibit strong excitements about these activities where friends collaboratively and energetically completed many challenges. At the end of the session, all participants got together to form the word EXCEL which stands for Empathy, Exceptional Capability, Creativity, Entrepreneurial Mindset and Leadership Spirit.

In the evening, Orientation Week culminated in a Gala Dinner on campus. In the pleasant breezes on Pine Hill, students enjoyed a festive dinner with their faculty and friends, and particularly diverse performances from uniquely talented student-artists.

The very first journey for the upcoming days at VinUniversity has officially ended, bringing about new surprises for students to discover in their learning process. Orientation Week is a special gift that VinUniversity wants to present to its first cohort of students to create a thought-framework for both envisioning their next 4-year or 6-year journey and building an aspiration for VinUniversity students to contribute their knowledge to the community.

Best wishes to the first take-off at VinUni and let’s hope we will reach new heights together!