Open Classroom Week 2022: Building an Open Learning Community at VinUniversity

May 12, 2022

“Through the Open Classroom Week, passionate educators got to see new active learning techniques from fellow passionate educators. What better way to get energized about our profession!” (Dan Ruelle)

From April 25 to 29, 2022, thirteen VinUniversity professors from four colleges opened 19 teaching sessions to fellow educators, teaching assistants and staff members in the spirit of building an all-inclusive, organic learning community which encourages peer learning through classroom visits and discussions.

With a wide range of subjects and different approaches to active learning, thirteen faculty members opened their classrooms to visitors to simply drop in and see what happens. Faculty hosts came from all four colleges at VinUniversity including three from the College of Engineering and Computer Sciences – Dean Laurent El Ghaoui, Prof. Wray Buntine, and Prof. Le Duy Dung; two from the College of Health Sciences – Drs. Elijah Riddle and Toni Biskup; two from the College of Business and Management – Profs. Jun Myung Song and Alex Nguyen; and seven from the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (Profs. Daniel Ruelle, Stephen Lindhorst, Rory Kennedy, Billy Wheeler, Anupama Davendrakumar, and David Harrison).

Visitors from across the university signed up to witness active teaching and learning in action in the following courses: Artificial Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Communication, Asian Philosophy, Global Political Economy, Linear Algebra, Simulation Training and Clinical Procedural Skills, Financial Statement Analysis, Database Concepts and Skills for Big Data, Academic English, and Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting.

Each day of the Open Classroom Week ended with a social hour with robust conversations between visitors and hosts about teaching and learning. The final day of the program ended with a dinner to thank the hosts for opening their classrooms.

Watch this summary video of the event and hear from the hosts what they think about the Open Classroom Week:


Quotable Quotes from the Faculty Hosts

“”It can be challenging for educators to be exposed to new learning methodologies. Thanks to the Open Classroom Week, VinUniversity faculty saw a wide range of innovative learning approaches in action in a wholesome and non-evaluative way, opening the door to faculty adopting new approaches to active learning.”

                                                                                                          (Daniel Ruelle, Project Leader, Program Director – Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

“I think it’s a great idea and initiative. We, as teachers, know that no lesson is perfect and so we can always greatly improve. So again, congratulations on this day, it was great.”

                                                                                                                                                  (Laurent El Ghaoui, Dean – College of Engineering & Computer Science)

“It’s just so good to talk with my peers focusing on the issue of practice because it is very important that we improve our skills. I think that’s one of the broad takeaways: getting us together, communicating with each other as faculty, and talking about active learning. I think it is very important.”

                                                                                                                                      (Wray Buntine, Program Director – College of Engineering & Computer Science)

“I really like the Open Classroom Week because it gives us the opportunity to explore teaching methodology, the classroom environment, and differences between different disciplines. I think it is a good opportunity for me to receive some feedback from experienced lecturers. I hope that we can continue this idea so that we can have the whole teaching and learning festival”.

(Le Duy Dung, Professor – College of Engineering and Computer Science)

OCW Visitor Testimonial

“I attended the TBL class offered by FAS English faculty. I could see that our faculty members have gone (the) extra mile to prepare the lesson for our students. One hour of course delivery requires (a) great deal of effort for prep work and coordination from the team in advance. Our faculty in the classroom are like artists on the stage. I am sure the students would appreciate that a lot. For non-academic members, chances like this help us learn more about our colleagues, what they are doing and how our students are being trained and supported. Thanks for opening your classrooms to us!”

Bui Thanh Hanh (External Engagement Head)