Edurun – Running for Health, for Education, and for the Community with VinUniversity College of Health Sciences

June 5, 2020

The “EDURUN ON A VIRTUAL PLATFORM” organized by VinUniversity and Vinschool is a “special version” of Edurun, which has been held by the Vinschool Education System since 2015.

In the running challenge on a virtual platform named Edurun 2020, participants will have their workouts tracked every day with an electronic device. The data will then be collected and displayed on the Edurun website. The total kilometers run will generate funds for Edurun through the contributions of generous sponsors. VinUniversity aims to amass 200,000 km which is equivalent to VND 200 million to build schools for underpriviledged children in disadvantaged areas.

VinUniversity’s College of Health Sciences has initiated this year’s Edurun efforts, hoping to spread the spirit of sport towards healthy lifestyles. With the commitment to this activity, Professor Maurizio Trevisan, Dean of College of Health Sciences will personally assume the role of the event ambassador. Together with the College of Health Sciences, Prof. Maurizio will spread the message of encouraging participants to go beyond their limits and build a strong health foundation.

With Edurun2020, participants will be inspired to be more physically active and also have an opportunity to contribute to helping underpriviledged children. Edurun aligns closely with the goal of the course named “Healthy Lifestyle” delivered by the College of Health Sciences to all first year VinUniversity students which inspires them to pursue a healthy life in terms of physical, psychological, mental and social well-being.