Day in the Life of A VinUniversity Student – Pandemic Edition

May 27, 2021

*This article is written by Le Trung Kien, Student, College of Business and Management

Due to the complex development of the COVID-19 pandemic, VinUniversity has implemented online learning and limited the number of students on school’s grounds in order to reduce social contact and ensure students’ safety. Online learning and travel restrictions are bound to alter everyday life, but the University and the student community have come up with unique ways to maintain connection. Are you curious about the current day-to-day life of a VinUniversity student? Please browse through the photos below to learn about our “student life” during this unprecedented time!

“Outbreak of COVID-19, not breakout of school” is our motto during these times. At VinUniversity, I am impressed with how the lecturers teach in online classes. Applications such as JoinMyQuiz, Slido,… are used throughout the class to ensure interaction between lecturers and students.

Non-essential services, including gym, pool, indoor basketball court,… have been closed. However, as we are able to live on VinUniversity’s big and green campus, we do take the time to exercise by walking and breathe in the fresh air.

VinUni Harmony Club has officially kickstarted the “Love in Quarantine” contest – where art and beauty lovers can spread their care messages through music. The contest is open to all VinUniversity students, faculty and staff, as a way to bring happiness, spread love and promote positivity.

To supplement vitamins, the University has prepared one type of fruit daily to be delivered to every student’s dorm room.

Since exam season is approaching, to keep us going, the University also gives us pizzas, kimbap, fried chicken,… Not only that, during weekends, the Provost, Vice Provost, Deans and professors also give us ice creams.

During this period of online learning and social distancing, many students are sure to feel lonely. Students have designed the V-Chatible app to specifically serve the VinUniversity community. This AI Chatbot allows 2 people to chat anonymously until both of them consent to share their real names.

Notably, we have just participated in the 1st Student Council election. 6 outstanding candidates ran to become the new President. Most uniquely, this election was held 100% online because of the pandemic. Candidates had to come up with the most innovative campaigns, such as filming videos, writing posts about themselves, holding online talkshows,…

To promote the habit of reading, Vinvivid Club has launched Metanoia contest – encouraging all VinUniversity students, faculty and staff to share their favorite images related to books, knowledge and libraries. With the theme “Think out of the book and celebrate knowledge”, METANOIA hopes to give rise to creativity and bibliophilia using participants’ lenses.

I know that the complex and unpredictable resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic takes quite a toll on people. However, now more than ever, the community needs solidarity and a sense of responsibility from each individual. Let’s all strictly adhere to the 5K message (Facemask – Disinfection – Distance – No Gathering – Health Declaration) and fight the pandemic together!