Your Application


Below is the Instructional Video – How to Apply to VinUniversity. It’s highly recommended that you watch this video to learn how to prepare for your application.

Highly Recommended Admission Criteria for AY

1. Prepare

Good preparation is key to a high-quality application and a stress-free application process. You will find helpful information in the Commonly Asked Questions here.

2. Personal Information

Information to help us better understand who you are and how to get in touch with you.

3. 1-page CV 

You need only 1 page to portray yourself—holistically decorated by your ability, aspiration, creativity, and commitment. Check out the template of 1-page CV here.

4. Short Answer Question

The faculty at VinUni have selected only one essay question for you. There are no right or wrong answers. You have the freedom to self-express. We are just interested in seeing how you think and analyze issues. These answers should be in your own words and reflect your perspectives and not someone else’s opinions. DO not copy from others or have others write these responses for you.

You can find some writing tips below. For subtitles, please click the CC button.

5. Academic Qualifications, Honors and Awards

We need to know about your academic achievements, including your grades in Grade 10, 11, and 12, any academic competitions you participated in, standardized tests, academic scholarships etc. to help us assess your academic “chops”!

6. Non-Academic Achievements

At VinUni we care about you as a whole person and not just about your academic “chops”! Tell us about your other interests, passions, achievements, so that we may get to know you better.

7. References

You will need to provide contact information for two references. These people should be your teachers who can provide objective feedback about you. (VinUniversity may contact your references to discuss your application or to request letters of recommendation from them at a later stage)

Application Process

VinUniversity performs a holistic application review to understand candidates as “whole persons”. Each application is thoroughly reviewed by VinUni faculty and experts in the respective fields, and it will go through pre-screening and two rounds of review:

  • Pre-screening – We will only screen out those applications that don’t meet the eligibility criteria, such as grade level, significantly low GPA or academic records, incomplete or carelessly written applications.
  • Short list-Round 1: Online application evaluation. Faculty and admissions specialists review each application submitted. A shortlist of applicants will be invited to Round 2.
  • Interview-Round 2: Individual Assessment. VinUni will invite shortlisted applicants to attend interviews for further assessment. If the COVID-19 related precautions continue, the assessment will be done remotely using interactive tools. This will include a personal interview/scenario-based challenge with faculty and some other activities that help you to get to know us and us to know you better.
  • Faculty from each College and Program will review the overall performance and assessment of each candidate and their fit with VinUniversity, the College and the program. If the candidate appears better suited for another program, they might recommend that program for the candidate.
  • Based on the number of spots available in each program, and the thresholds established by the faculty, candidates will be offered admission to a program.
  • Candidates do not need to apply for merit-based scholarships. All admitted candidates will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.
  • Candidates who are offered merit-based scholarships will have to respond with their acceptance or decline within the timeframe stipulated in their offer letter.
  • Once the candidates have accepted the offer and submitted the registration fee, they will receive detailed instructions about the academic year and next steps, including the important dates, events and how to prepare for their first year at VinUni.
  • At the time of registration, students must present notarized documents to authenticate their ID, GPAs, resident or international status, and other things necessary to assure that the candidate has met the requirements for admission to VinUni and MOET requirements for attending a university in Vietnam.

Commonly asked questions about the Application Process

The Admission Team and Students at VinUniversity have made available an informational video for your convenience. Please refer to this video for application-related queries.

To learn more about VinUni and the student experience here, please see our Prospectus.