Tuition Fee, Scholarship, and Financial Aids

Tuition Fee, Scholarship, and Financial Aids

Listed Tuition for Undergraduate Programs:

  • All majors: ~ 815,850,000 VND (~35,000 USD) per year
  • Nursing: 349,650,000 VND (approximately 15,000 USD) per year

All admitted candidates are eligible for the Fund for Education Development of 35%. Therefore, the remaining tuition fee is about 227 million VND per year for the Nursing program and approximately 530 million VND per year for other programs.

Opportunities for interviews to receive scholarships and financial aid will be provided to applicants. Hence, the actual tuition fees will be determined after deductions (refer to the detailed tuition table).

There are 2 payment methods available:
– Direct Visa card payment at the Accounting and Finance Department of VinUni
– Online bank transfer through the Salesforce portal with detailed instructions sent via email.

Tuition fee payment will be made twice a year at the beginning of each main semester (Fall Semester and Spring Semester).

All applicants have the opportunity to apply for scholarships at VinUni.

All applicants have the opportunity to receive financial aid ranging from 50% of tuition fees upwards, which can be cumulated with scholarships, not exceeding a total of 100% of tuition fees.

VinUni offers scholarships throughout the entire four years of study, not limited to the first year only. To retain the scholarship, students need to achieve a GPA of 2.5 or above (for scholarships ranging from 50% to 90%) and a GPA of 3.2 or above (for 100% and full scholarships), while also not seriously violating the school’s regulations. Scholarships may be extended if students meet these criteria. VinUni will assess how students demonstrate core values (such as excellence) to determine their scholarship status.

The percentage of students who have their scholarships reduced is only about 2%. However, if you fail to meet the scholarship retention criteria, the scholarship percentage will be reduced as follows:
– Reduction by one scholarship tier (10%) (for example: from full scholarship to 90%, from 100% to 90%)
– If students improve their academic performance in the following academic year, they will regain the previously awarded scholarship level.

The majority of students at VinUni are able to maintain their merit scholarships and demonstrate good performance. Only about 2% of students fail to meet the requirements.

You are not required to have SAT or ACT scores to be considered for scholarships. However, high SAT and ACT scores will be an advantage for the university to consider.

  • ¬†Entry scholarships awarded to students upon enrollment will apply for the entire duration of their studies and will not be considered for upgrade. For example, if you are admitted with an entry scholarship of 80%, this scholarship will be maintained until you complete the course.
  • However, students will have the opportunity to participate in other scholarship/financial support sources during their studies such as the President’s Scholarship (80 million VND/scholarship – equivalent to 10% of tuition fees), the Provost’s Scholarship worth 60 million VND/scholarship, the Dean’s Scholarship worth 40 million VND/scholarship, Change Maker awards ranging from 5-15-30 million VND/scholarship, or scholarship programs offered by businesses, philanthropists, etc.

VinUni currently offers the following scholarship and incentive levels:

* Merit scholarships ranging from 50% to 100% and full scholarships
* Educational sponsorship from Vingroup at 35%
* Financial Aid from 50% of tuition fees and above.
* Supplementary scholarships such as the “New Horizons” Scholarship worth 50 million VND and other supplementary scholarships (5%), including: 5% Scholarship for Vinschool pupils, 5% Scholarship for Women studying Information Technology, 5% Specialized Scholarships, 5% Talent Scholarships.