Residence Life in Dorm


When studying at VinUni, you will have the opportunity to experience modern facilities, equipped with laboratory systems, medical simulation rooms, functional rooms, lecture halls, and comprehensive sports facilities that meet QS 5-star standards.

Each dormitory room will accommodate 8 students with full amenities such as bunk beds, personal lockers, individual study desks, common activity areas, and 2 bathrooms.

Students are not allowed to cook in the dormitory but there is a shared kitchen area provided with full amenities. Additionally, the university has a canteen serving meals and essential items for students.

For freshmen, staying in the dormitory is mandatory to provide opportunities for students to get acquainted with university life, connect with friends, and learn teamwork.
For sophomore students and above, staying in the dormitory is no longer mandatory.
* If students have compelling reasons related to health, religious beliefs, etc., they can request special accommodations, which will be considered and approved by the university.

The dormitory fee is 3.2 million VND per person per month.

VinUni will be responsible for assigning rooms for students based on diversity in majors and regions to foster development, teamwork, responsibility, and independence. Additionally, the university provides separate dormitories for male and female students.

During your study and stay in the dormitory, if you encounter any issues needing support, you can contact the Student Affairs Office for assistance and guidance in resolving them.

Services provided to VinUni students during study at VinUni:

* Internet: Students have access to high-speed wifi for free.
* Workspace/Creative space: VinUni provides several open workspaces such as libraries, reading rooms around the campus for students to work.
* Library: Students can maximize the use of the free online library.
* ATM: VinUni has placed a BIDV ATM on the 1st floor of the main building.
* Billiards, football, and entertainment: Billiards, football, and other games are available for free use in the common area of the dormitory.
* Student clubs: At VinUni, student clubs will have their own space for activities.
* Swimming pool, gym, stadium: All these facilities are provided for free at the Sports Complex.
* Recording studio: Students have unlimited access to recording studios for academic purposes. Before students start their studies, VinUni will announce the opening hours of each recording studio.

Visitors to the dormitory must register three days in advance and be received in the common area of the dormitory. Note that visitors are only allowed to enter the room with the consent of the roommates.
Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight in the dormitory, but students can pre-book a Guest room with the dormitory manager to ensure that their guests have a safe and convenient place to stay.