Dean of the Faculty of Health – University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Meets VinUniversity Faculty and Students

October 28, 2022

“I am very honored to visit and meet with VinUniversity’s faculty and students. In the coming times, in my role as “Visiting Distinguished Professor of VinUniversity College of Health Sciences”, I hope to further enhance the collaboration between VinUniversity College of Health Sciences and UTS’ Faculty of Health. This includes opportunities for academic exchanges, research collaboration, and dual degree program for Nursing students”, shared Prof. Debra Anderson, Dean of the Faculty of Health, UTS.

Prof. Debra Anderson has many years of experience in medical research and women’s wellbeing projects, with a particular emphasis on nursing programs. Currently, she is the Co-Principle Investigator and Specialist Consultant for 2 VinUniversity’s research projects on women’s wellbeing: “Women’s Wellness after Giving Birth Program” and “Cancer Wellness Program”. This is part of the cooperation framework between UTS and VinUniversity College of Health Sciences.

As part of her visit, she also had an intimate sharing session with VinUniversity’s students and faculty on “The Future of Nursing Profession”. The session discussed different perspectives on the Nursing profession, the profession’s perks and downsides, and career development opportunities for Nursing students in Vietnam and Australia.