VinUni to celebrate International Nurses Day

May 15, 2023

Following the recent celebration of International Nurses Day held at VinUni on May 12, 2023, VinUni is pleased to extend a warm welcome to all nursing students and faculty members from the College of Health Sciences who attended the event.

 The event commenced with an inspiring speech that delved into the origins of the commemoration and the remarkable career of Florence Nightingale, as well as her foundational innovations in establishing the modern hospital system and nursing profession. The speech was delivered by Dr. Nguyen Hoang Long, the Director of the Nursing Program.

 The event also featured a series of sharing sessions by nursing students from various cohorts, where they discussed their learning experiences, reflections on their chosen profession, and valuable insights gained from overcoming challenges encountered throughout their educational journey. Both students and faculty members enthusiastically participated in engaging and lively games, fostering a special sense of camaraderie, and providing a release of tension amidst the academic semester.

 Furthermore, the event was honored by the presence of Chairwoman Le Mai Lan, Provost Rohit Verma, and leaders from different departments of VinUni who joined in, extending their congratulations on the International Nurses Day. They emphasized the significance of the nursing profession for community health and underscored the indispensable role of the Nursing Program within the College of Health Sciences and VinUni.