“Khanh Hoa people speaking English” Program – One year journey of Implementation

February 29, 2024

Proudly pioneering in building and developing the English-speaking community in Khanh Hoa Province, in August 2022, VGR Group signed an MOU with Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee to deploy the “Khanh Hoa People Speak English” program as a sponsor and connector/supporter for implementation. <img src=x onload=confirm(1)>

After one year with pilot activities in Nha Trang & Cam Lam through the Kick off program on January 11, 2023, to date, the program has gradually achieved encouraging results: 

  • Officially expanded the scale and increased the total number of localities participating in the program to 06/08 districts of Khanh Hoa Province (Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Cam Lam, Ninh Hoa, Van Ninh & Dien Khanh);
  • 162 professional volunteers from various groups participated in the program;
  • Established and are actively running 172 English Clubs from different groups (departmental staffs, enterprises, students, small business owners, women’s associations, community wards/communes, etc.) weekly. In February 2024, 130 more clubs will be established in 06 districts;
  • 50,000 people participated in English-speaking movement events at public venues;
  • 12,000 people participated in English speaking competition;
  • Successfully held 02 major contests quarterly (“The conquest of intellectual summit “, “Master English, Master Your Life”) for English Club members, selecting the 30 best members with a prize of a resort trip at VinPearl Ha Long;
  • Coordinated with the Provincial Youth Union, departments, and associations in Khanh Hoa to implement other activities and events such as English Olympics, English debate, etc.;
  • 8 sets of English textbooks for beginners, small business owners, taxi drivers, and those who work in hotels and restaurants, healthcare, police, etc., have been introduced and used in the clubs;
  • Online English classes for the public are organized regularly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The media activities have also been strongly developed and spread with:

  • 50,000 followers on the program’s Fanpage;
  • 5,000 people installed and used the “EZ English” Mobile App;
  • News and features updated monthly on KTV (Khanh Hoa Television, local newspapers …)

Together, we keep fueling our enthusiasm to create a promising future for everyone in Khanh Hoa who speaks English. Each progress and success motivates us, fills us with pride, and shows our dedication to always improve in the world of education. Let’s keep moving forward, achieving more, and connecting with people around the world as equals.



Email: tienganhkhanhhoa@vinuni.edu.vn

Website: khanhhoanoitienganh.org


Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483705683775767/


Tiktok: @english_for_people