VinUni Students’ Research for Solutions To Support Oncology Patients During Summer Internship at Vinmec International Hospital Times City

September 21, 2022

“Seeing what we learn in reality, from the smallest things like hand washing during infection control and its role in patient care, we feel immensely inspired.”

“The internship has expanded the horizon of the nursing profession for me. I have been able to practically observe nurses’ daily work, interact with patients and doctors, as well as have my professional questions and concerns answered.”

“I was given the opportunity to practice important skills that we could only read in books before. I think it’s amazing to have such an opportunity to intern at Vinmec.”

Those are the shared thoughts of VinUniversity students of the Bachelor of Nursing program after their first 3 weeks of summer internship at the Department of Oncology – Hematology, Vinmec International Hospital Times City. The internship has been giving them the opportunity to learn and experience the real work of nurses in a professional hospital setting. Clinical experience and patient contact besides working with a multidisciplinary medical team from early years in the career path are key differences in the curriculum of VinUniversity’s Bachelor of Nursing program.

At the end of their summer internship, the students designed leaflets about the conditions and treatment methods to help raise oncology patients’ awareness about their personal healthcare. After researched for reliable information, the students designed user-friendly information leaflets for patients at the Oncology Department with 3 essential topics: Anemia (Amenia); Bone Marrow Aspiration & Bone Marrow Biopsy; and Keytruda medication (also known as Pembrolizumab).