Visit Capella Hanoi Hotel – A Lesson about the Value of Experience Personalization

May 25, 2022

As part of the Company Visit program, students at the College of Business and Management, VinUniversity recently had the opportunity to visit Capella Hanoi – the Best New Hotel in the Asia-Pacific region (The Luxe List, 2021). During the visit, we not only experienced their top-notch service but also interacted with and learned from Mr. Christoph M. Strahm, General Manager of the hotel by a wide range of direct Q&As with him.

According to Mr. Christoph M. Strahm, instead of competing on scale, the hotel focuses on providing dedicated care for each customer, studying customers’ needs to recommend appropriate services even before requested. Capella’s spirit is the respect for everyone, as well as the cultural and artistic aspects. Inspired by the Hanoi Opera House, every detail receives meticulous care. The hotel has each room designed with the inspiration from famous plays, allowing customers to be travel through a vibrant journey of emotions every time they come to Capella.

More specifically, customers have the opportunity to experience Hanoian and Vietnamese culture in the most visual and lively way through craft workshops and field trips organized by the hotel itself. Each member of Capella acts as an ambassador of the beauty and culture of Vietnam, while wholeheartedly understanding and supporting customers. Such difference enabled Capella Hanoi to confidently “skip” the traditional front desk department and elevate their trainings to create “cultural experts” instead. It is the creative initiatives in servicing, the “for the community” spirit at the core of their business, and the thoughtfulness dedicated to their customers that have created an exceptional and successful Capella Hanoi.

(*) By Pham Thu Hien – BBA Student of College of Business and Management

One of the key differences at the College of Business and Management, VinUniversity is that right from the freshman year and throughout the course of study, students are immersed in leading companies to learn about the professional workplace, industry development trends, practical demands of businesses, or directly interact and learn from business leaders.

The Student Industry Engagement Program of the College of Business Administration, VinUniversity includes a diverse range of activities such as:

✔️INDUSTRY SPEAKER SERIES: A series of activities to interact and learn from the shared experiences of business leaders of domestic and foreign companies.

✔️INDUSTRY MENTORSHIP PROGRAM: Students will be paired with an advisor to learn from his/her practical experience and the industry.

✔️COMPANY VISIT: Fieldtrips to learn about companies.

✔️5-IN-5 INTERNSHIP: Students will spend every Friday (no-class day) for 5 consecutive weeks joining the rotation in many different positions within the companies they filed the application to study their operational model before deciding where to apply for their intensive summer internship.

✔️SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Summer Internship Program.