VinUniversity’s Student Participates in Research Project into the Wellness Experiences in Hospitality Post-Pandemic

June 18, 2021

*Article by Pham Nhat Minh, First-year student,  College of Business and Management, VinUniversity.

Wellness travel is becoming increasingly trendy in this new era, when many nations’ primary concerns are centered around the negative impacts of social issues including population aging and the surging of the current Covid-19 Pandemic. As the public awareness about wellness rises, the hotel sector has implemented multiple remarkable adjustments to the business as well as an operational model to effectively meet the customers’ demands. Acknowledging the emerging trend, Dr. Le Thi Phuong Dung (Jenny Le), an assistant professor at College of Business and Management, VinUniversity along with her research assistant – Nguyen Mai Phuong – a first-year student at the College, has analysed how the  healthcare sector and the hotel sector mutually impact each other, and how this information can be used to measure and design hotel and resort wellness experiences.

Under the guidance of Professor Le, Nguyen Mai Phuong synthesized and reviewed research materials and academic reports related to wellness tourism. Phuong also conducted an extensive analysis on health and wellness in high potential areas of the hotel sector including sport travel, leisure and spa travel, yoga travel and other such wellness themed travel. Using this information, Phuong wrote a report on the potential for the adoption of the wellness tourism trend  in Vietnam as well as the global market,  as well as to provide recommendations on future research directions.

Being part of the research, Phuong has gained various essential experiences while being exposed to a extensive industry-specific academic and industry knowledge from multiple perspectives.  “I myself see that scientific research is not at all rigid and boring as many people thought. This researach opened my eyes to the industry trends in this field, while remarkably enhancing my skill in academic literature review and analysis. I had a lot of fun doing the work, and I fully expect to be able to use many of my new skills in my coursework, projects and internships.”

The tourism industry in Vietnam and around the globe has suffered greatly because of the precipitous and prolonged drop in domestic and international tourism traffic under the COVID-19 pandemicWith VinUniversity’s research vision of conducting research with real, positive impact on business and society, CBM faculty and students are actively exploring new paths for the development of the tourism market and the hotel sector, which will be revealed in our upcoming articles.

Given the scale of the first admission batch of 230 students, the current student-to-faculty ratio at VinUniversity is 6:1, an ideal ratio being maintained by many of the world’s leading universities. This advantage has enabled VinUniversity students to get the opportunity to work alongside our highly qualified faculty who have advanced research degrees  and experience from the leading universities in the world.