VinUniversity to partner with the National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology in solidifying commitment to cooperation and knowledge exchange

July 15, 2023

VinUniversity (VinUni) through the College of Health Sciences (CHS) and the National Hospital of Dermatology and Venereology (NHDV) have joined forces to strengthen their collaboration in the field of medical education and research. On July 13, 2023, the two institutions successfully signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), solidifying their commitment to cooperation and knowledge exchange.

The signing ceremony, held at VinUniversity and attended by esteemed representatives from both VinUni and the National Hospital of Dermatology, was filled with excitement and anticipation. Distinguished individuals such as Assoc. Prof. Le Huu Doanh, the Director, and Prof. Nguyen Huu Sau, Deputy Director of the National Hospital of Dermatology, as well as Assoc. Prof. Le Cu Linh, Executive Vice Dean, and Dr. Phung Nam Lam, Vice Dean of Hospital Engagement of CHS, were present. Additionally, leaders, faculty, and staff from both institutions graced the occasion, further emphasizing the significance of this partnership.

The MOU establishes a strong foundation for collaboration between VinUni and the NHDV. The primary objective of this partnership is to enhance medical education programs by providing CHS students with valuable clinical training opportunities. The exchange of faculty members between the two institutions will also be encouraged, fostering a cross-pollination of ideas and expertise. Furthermore, the collaboration aims to promote joint research projects and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources.

Assoc. Prof. Le Cu Linh, Executive Vice Dean of CHS at VinUni, has identified NHDV as a key strategic partner for CHS and VinUni as a whole. He believes that this collaboration will not only benefit both organizations but will also contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services in Vietnam.

Echoing the sentiment of collaboration, Assoc. Prof. Le Huu Doanh, Director of the NHDV, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He stressed the value of cooperation in advancing medical education and healthcare practices, noting that the collaboration would pave the way for increased interdisciplinary education and research.

The MOU signing ceremony between VinUni and NHDV symbolizes a shared commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and excellence in healthcare and medical education. This partnership holds great promise for driving significant advancements in dermatological and venereal disease research, as well as improving patient care. Moreover, it aims to nurture the next generation of medical professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in these fields.Top of Form