VinUniversity College Of Health Sciences To Cooperate With Vinmec Healthcare System And Osaka City University Graduate School Of Medicine And Faculty Of Medicine

December 18, 2021

VinUniversity has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vinmec Healthcare System and the Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Osaka City University. This MOU opens opportunities for joint research and academic exchange between faculty, clinical experts, and students of the three institutions.

Osaka City University, founded in 1880, is the first university established by a city in Japan. It is also one of the largest public universities in Japan, with 8 faculties and 11 graduate schools, offering bachelor, master, and doctoral courses in a wide variety of disciplines. The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1944 to foster medical students to become doctors and practice medicine, with wisdom, blessing and bravery. The Graduate School is divided into two courses, the basic medical science, and the clinical medicine courses. In addition to these regular 4-year Graduate Courses, a 2-year Master Course in medicine are also offered to nurses, pharmacists, clinical technicians, and other people who are interested in learning medical sciences and are working in the medical fields.

Vietnam has been Japan’s important partner in many aspects such as economy, society, and culture. The MOU is an important foundation for VinUni College of Health Sciences, Vinmec healthcare system and Osaka City University Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine to implement specific activities in the near future.

The three institutions will benefit from the mutual cooperation in the area of education and research. This is a wonderful opportunity for VinUni students and faculty, Vinmec clinical staff to experience studying, researching in Japan. In addition, it also opens opportunities to participate in joint research activities and contribute to the development of healthcare.

Osaka City University will be reborn as Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) on April 2022. OMU will be the largest public university in Japan with 15 graduate schools in social sciences, science, medicine, engineering, etc. More information can be found at