VinUniversity Collaborates with Woori Bank to Develop Human Resources in Finance

May 11, 2022

With the recent MOU ceremony between the 2 parties, VinUniversity students now have more internship and learning opportunities from leaders and executive managers at Woori Bank – one of the largest Korean banks that has capital investments in Vietnam. Woori Bank will also participate in Career days or Career orientation workshops designed for VinUniversity students. 

Through networking, experience sharing, and mentorship programs with executive leaders, or through participating in company visits, VinUniversity students will gain new and holistic views on the industry, as well as job opportunities in the future. Students of the College of Business and Management will especially have opportunities to participate in 2 internship programs at Woori Bank: 

  • 5-in-5 Internship, which takes place every Friday for 5 consecutive weeks.
  • The Summer Internship, which lasts at least 8 weeks. 

“Woori Bank always prioritizes attracting more talents for future vacancies in Korea and Vietnam, and I believe that VinUniversity is training and developing the potential leadership components that we are searching for. I hope that in the future, the talented Vietnamese people will be among the leadership of Woori Bank Vietnam,” shared Mr. Lee Jong In, General Manager of Woori Bank Vietnam at the MOU ceremony.

Woori Bank is one of the oldest banking systems in Korea, with more than 120 years of establishment and development. With branches in many countries around the world, Woori Bank always invests in community activities and the surrounding environment with the aim of promoting a sustainable future. Every year, Woori Bank actively contributes to the advancement of education, health, and socio-economics through many practical programs.

Industry Engagement Program at VinUniversity

In order to offer internship, research, and consulting opportunities for its students, VinUniversity has built a foundation of cooperation with leading domestic and foreign enterprises, including businesses in the Vingroup ecosystem, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, BCG, Dragon Capital, Shangri-La Group, start-up companies, and NGOs.