The Initial Achievements of VAIPE – An AI and IoT-Based Vietnamese Smart Healthcare Application after 6 Months

August 19, 2022
  • Published 4 RESEARCH PROJECTS in reputable international journals and conferences, including 2 Q1 journals (IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management và IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics) and 1 Rank A conference (International Conference on Parallel Processing).
  • Sent 2 MANUSCRIPTS to IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (Q1 Journal, IF 7.9) and The 16th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV2022).
  • Completed the collection and standardization of 3 LARGE DATA SETS on images of pills, prescriptions, and medical devices. All these datasets will be standardized and open to the Vietnamese and global research community.
  • Organized VAIPE: Medicine Pill Image Recognition Challenge to identify an AI solution that can accurately recognize the names of different medicines from images taken on smartphones and detect errors in medication use. The challenge attracted 163 teams with more than 500 members.

These are the very impressive results of VAIPE (AI- and IoT-based Vietnamese healthcare monitoring and support application) after 6 months of implementation. The study was conducted by the VinUni-Illinois Smart Health Center, VinUniversity (VISHC) and BKAI Center, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. This is one of two VinUniversity  research projects that received funding from the Vingroup Innovation Fund (VinIF) last February, with a total value of 9 billion VND. With these initial successes, the project has continued to receive high evaluation from VinIF.

VAIPE aims to build a smart platform that allows personal healthcare information to be collected, managed, and analyzed (such as medication use habits, heart rates, blood pressures, and other health indexes). These will be used to encourage safe use of medication, provide warnings of wrong medication use, and support early diagnosis. Integrating the latest technologies in machine learning and data analysis, the project’s final goal is to provide an easy-to-use and accessible solution for people to improve public health.

Aside from researchers from the 2 aforementioned universities, also participating in the project are 3 VISHC postgraduate research assistants and Phan Nhat Huy – an undergraduate student of VinUniversity College of Engineering and Computer Science. In order to create opportunities for students to take part in real-world research projects and develop scientific thinking, VISHC is looking for 5 VinUniversity students to participate in the project as paid research assistants.

Research for the betterment of society and development of science with an emphasis on interdisciplinary areas are the key orientations of the team. Dr. Pham Huy Hieu – Co-PI of the project, Deputy Director of VISHC shared: “By participating in the project, students are inspired to follow the research path. They are the next generation of researchers.”

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