The future of young talents

April 26, 2023

On 22/04, in the framework of VinUni Career Day 2023, VinUni Agile Innovation Center (AIC) announced its research on “Challenges and prospects for young talents”.

Five big questions

Regarding this study, Dr. Le Mai Lan – Vice Chairman of VinGroup and Chairman of VinUniversity, emphasized that VinUni’s mission is to build an excellent university and develop talents for the future. “Talent is defined as someone who creates change for the country, society, region, and the world. VinUni always encourages joint efforts to build human resource capacity for Vietnam. We believe that these studies not only guide learners to seek employment but also build a lifelong career path for each individual,” said Dr. Mai Lan.

The research project wishes to support lecturers and universities in Vietnam in their quest to nurture students into future talents. Additionally, it aims to help employers attract talented new graduates. With this in mind, the research team surveyed four skill groups (each group comprising ten different skills) with 325 talented students and 32 enterprises nationwide, centering on five big questions:

  1. What qualities, skills, and abilities do employers expect from talented fresh graduates?
  2. What are the skills and capabilities humans can outperform artificial intelligence?
  3. How are enterprises recruiting talented graduates?
  4. What kinds of sectors are talented bachelors choosing to work in?
  5. What are the challenges and prospects of talented new graduates?

Prof. Jin Suk Park – Academic Lead, shared about the research at VinUni Career Day 2023

From the surveys, research, the report found four notable results:

Firstly, the top five minimum competencies for a job include Time Management, Microsoft Office, Creative & Critical Thinking, Discipline and Teamwork.

Secondly, the top five differentiating competencies to secure a good job include Entrepreneurial mindset (dare to do, dare to take responsibility, desire to win), Problem-solving ability, Data analysis, Technology trends awareness, and Desire to succeed.

Thirdly, the top five unique competencies that bring considerable advantages in helping students succeed in their future careers are Resilience, Ability to grasp ideas and apply to own work, Life-long learning ability, Motivate others to together achieve goals, and Generating requirements for software design & user experience.

Fourth, related to income, according to research, employers are willing to pay fresh graduates 10 – 30 million VND/month and up to 50 million VND/month in some cases. Meanwhile, talented graduates’s salary expectation differs from the amount employers are willing to pay, ranging from 6-15 million. More than 40% of surveyed students want a starting salary of more than 30 million/month.

And finally, according to surveys results, the income level is directly proportional to the talent. Employers are willing to pay amounts commensurate to candidates’ outstanding capabilities and potentials.


From the above findings, the research team makes recommendations to all four stakeholders, including students, universities, employers and families. This is done to improve the quality of education and training following the change and development of society.

For Students, the research team recommends focusing on managing expectations upon graduation, cultivating great aspirations, honoring skills and determination. At the same time, they should remain humble and maintain the spirit of lifelong learning.

For Universities, the research team recommends building a team-based, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary working environment; applying pedagogy methods that encourage the acquisition of knowledge; designing projects based around problem-solving and innovation; developing students’ critical thinking and mental discipline; providing real work – real learning education.

Ms. Nguyen Van Anh – Project Lead, shared about the research’s recommendations to employers, students and parents

For Employers, the research team recommends that businesses should consider treating talents with attractive income. “Let’s reduce traditional training and, instead, increase opportunities for employees to learn from practical work and self-study. Companies should also build the company’s reputation and image by actively communicating its mission and vision, as well as developing inspirational leaders” – the report emphasizes.

Finally, the research team recommends that Parents should continuously support their children, inspiring them to cultivate great aspirations and motivating them to persevere – “to win without pride, to lose without discouragement”. Parents should also consider education as the most effective form of investment. At the same time, parents should be role models of lifelong learning for their children.