Grand Opening of the First International Standard Advanced Imaging Education Center in Vietnam

May 20, 2023

On May 20th, 2023, the Advanced Imaging Education Center (AIEC) at the College of Health Sciences – VinUniversity, officially inaugurated and commenced the first Continuing Medical Education (CME) course. As a well-coordinated partnership between health sciences university and the teaching hospital, the center will provide practical courses with distinct value, not only enhancing the capabilities of healthcare professionals but also contributing to the improvement of the quality of diagnostic imaging in Vietnam. 

The AIEC is built according to international standards through the collaboration of three parties: the Hospital (Vinmec Healthcare System), the University (VinUniversity), and world-leading medical experts/equipment providers (GE Healthcare Vietnam). This close collaboration has created the most advanced training model for diagnostic imaging, overcoming the limitations of traditional model, which tends to be heavy on theory, less focus on practice, and disconnected with the data system. 

By participating in courses at the center, the doctors will have access to hardware and software systems that ensure an experience similar to that in a hospital. The participants will be able to access images in their original format (DICOM) and practice image processing using PACS tools (Picture Archiving and Communication System). Moreover, the course data is well-structured, allowing participants to comprehensively grasp specific skills and competencies. The lectures integrate theory with practice, enabling participants to master the issues and effectively handle real-life situations in diagnosis and treatment. 

Assoc. Prof. Bui Van Giang (Head of the Radiology Department – VinUniversity, and Director of the Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology Unit – Vinmec Healthcare System), said: “In reality, doctors need to continuously update their knowledge and practice to optimize treatment outcomes. The courses at the Advanced Imaging Education Center will help experienced doctors keep up with new knowledge, combined with practical training on modern equipment, which has high practicality.” 

Notably, GE Healthcare will invite leading experts with deep expertise in the field from major hospitals worldwide, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, to teach directly to students and participate in advanced training for Vinmec and VinUniversity lecturers. This is a form of technology transfer, as Vinmec and VinUniversity lecturers will have access to specialized processes and international teaching standards, enabling them to proactively implement future CME/CPD courses, with monthly enrollment expected. 

Mr. Pham Hong Son, General Director of GE Healthcare Vietnam, stated: “The healthcare industry in Vietnam has made significant strides in recent years with the increasing presence of advanced equipment and the application of advanced technology. This implies that Vietnam also needs a highly specialized team of healthcare professionals with the ability to learn quickly and keep up with the constant changes in the healthcare industry. The introduction of the Advanced Imaging Education Center (AIEC) today promises to elevate the quality of healthcare professionals and provide significant opportunities for Vietnam’s healthcare sector in the future, and GE Healthcare is proud to be a part of that journey.” 

According to the collaboration plan among the three parties, the advanced diagnostic imaging courses are expected to train around 200-300 local and international students each year. After the first course on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Joints and Muscular-skeletal system, the center will also offer courses related to oncology, cardiology, and more. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive Continuous Medical Education (CME) certificates in imaging diagnosis and will have the proficiency to apply advanced skills to their daily work. 

Dr. Le Mai Lan, President of VinUniversity, shared: “The establishment of the AIEC marks a significant milestone in VinUniversity’s academic development strategy in the field of Intelligent Healthcare. The AIEC model is an exemplary model of innovative training at VinUniversity: it follows international standards, connects with global experts, utilizes big data, and emphasizes practicality.” 

The first CME course on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Joints attracted a large number of domestic and international students. However, to ensure the quality of teaching and practice, the AIEC will only enroll a maximum of 30 students for each course. In addition to the field of Diagnostic Imaging, Vinmec will also collaborate with the College of Health Sciences – VinUniversity in a long-term continuous training strategy for Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Surgery, OB/GYN, etc. to enhance the comprehensive quality of the healthcare sector Vietnam.