Debating Competition – “Making changes for a Sustainable Future”

May 6, 2023

College of Arts and Sciences, VinUni are thrilled to announce the first-ever Intervarsity Debating Competition at VinUniversity. With 14 exceptional teams from renowned universities such as UCL, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, SMU, RMIT, Fulbright, ULIS, NEU, etc. and of course, our very own VinUniversity, this competition is shaping up to be a truly global affair.

The 2023 competition topic is “Making Changes for a Sustainable Future,” and judges and participants from around the world, including Australia, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, UK, and the US, will bring a wealth of diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. With such an international flavor, we are sure to see some truly unique and inspiring ideas being debated and discussed.

As a university committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, VinUni are proud to host this event on our state-of-the-art campus. The competition will be an opportunity to engage in thoughtful, informed discussions and critical analysis of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet.

But Intervarsity is not just a competition – it’s a celebration of diversity, collaboration, and teamwork. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world, to learn from each other, and to create meaningful change for a more sustainable future.

To view the Debating website, click the picture or this LINK.