Bring Communicative English to the children in rural areas

November 28, 2022

The community service project “English Winter Fair” is an English teaching program for pupils at Hung Dao Primary School, Tien Lu District, Hung Yen Province. The goal of the project is to bring communicative English closer to primary school children, and promote the experience of using foreign languages ​​in daily life, thereby arousing excitement and interest of the children with English, while opening many opportunities for them to develop communication skills and explore the world around them.

During the 8-consecutive-week series, project members will organise weekly communicative English classes for children from grades 2nd to 5th at Hung Dao Primary School. The class is organised and taught by VinUni students participating in the project, equipping children with the necessary English knowledge and skills to use in the English Winter Festival held in the last week of the series, to create a playground for children to apply their foreign language skills in fun activities and collective activities.

With the participation of nearly 50 VinUni students and the enthusiastic companionship and support of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Board of Administration of Hung Dao Primary School, in the first 2 weeks of implementing the project in November, students at Hung Dao Primary School showed interest in learning English and more courage in using foreign languages ​​in communication. The image of children excitedly participating in the class, and sharing with their parents what they are taught is also a great joy and motivation for the students participating in the project to continue to contribute and bring great value to the children and to society.

Sharing the experience of teaching English to pupils of Hung Dao Primary School, Vinuni students said that although they were tired, many of them were hoarse due to having to stand and speak for hours, they were still energised by the positive energy of the children. At the same time, VinUni students also feel encouraged because we know that we are contributing to something meaningful for the next generation.