Opportunity for VinUniversity Students to Learn from Senior Leaders and Get Internships at Vietnam’s #1 Real Estate Development and Management Company

March 22, 2022

Recently, VinUniversity and Vinhomes – Vietnam’s #1 Real Estate Development and Management Company – signed an agreement on providing VinUniversity students with “real learning – real practice” opportunities. Besides being able to immerse in the corporate environment, students will be mentored and coached by senior executives through various programs, such as:

The “5-in-5” Internship: VinUniversity College of Business and Management students will have the chance to intern at different divisions of Vinhomes every Friday for 5 consecutive weeks (when there are no classes). This will be the time for students to learn about the operation of a business and, therefore, make informed choices for their summer internship.

The Summer Internship: Outstanding students who pass the “5-in-5” internship’s evaluation criteria will be offered a Summer Internship, which will last a minimum of 8 weeks.

Guest lectures/ Industry Speakers series: Vinhomes will send guest lecturers and industry speakers to VinUniversity to help students learn about relevant subjects throughout their studies.

The Mentorship Program: Vinhomes will participate in providing consultancy and support for VinUniversity students in academic and professional areas.


The agreement between VinUniversity and Vinhomes once again consolidates VinUniversity’s vision on building a “real learning – real practice” environment – where students are provided with real-world learning opportunities that will benefit them in their self-development and future career.