February 16, 2023

Patients with physical health problems and their families are often confronted with various psychological pressures. Although those issues may seem harmless to lay persons, excessive pessimism and frequent anxiety can negatively impact both patients’ psychological and physiological health. Thus, all healthcare staff needs proper communication skills to alleviate these negative feelings and support patients in overcoming such difficult times.

Understanding this need, the VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) offers the Train of Trainer course (TOT) for Communication Skills in Medical Encounters. The program is a unique course in Vietnam, developed collaboratively by MSR Simulation Center (Israel) and VinUni. The most current course was organized for doctors and nurses from Vinmec Da Nang and Vinmec Central Park Ho Chi Minh City. The attendants gave very positive feedback to the VMSC.

During the training, course attendants were equipped with the necessary skills to become instructors for communication skills, including ice-breaking, feedback, and questioning techniques. The learners were also trained on how to manage and oversee the class, analyze communication scenarios, and identify critical points for feedback. With these skills, learners will be able to teach a small group of healthcare staff using available communication scenarios. After this TOT course, they can pursue further training for advanced teaching skills or scenario development at VinUni’s VMSC.

In addition to the Communication Skills in Medical Encounters (at both provider and TOT levels), VMSC offers various clinical and non-clinical training courses. The Center also has TOT programs for those who wish to become instructors and enhance their teaching skills. With its world-class quality, VMSC’s lessons consist of diverse practical activities, ranging from simulation-based scenarios using a patient-centered approach with standardized patients to video-based debriefing in class. 

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