Frequently Asked Questions

The listed tuition fee for the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at VinUniversity is 40,000 USD/year (equivalent to 900 million VND/year). However, with the goal of promoting scientific research and training highly qualified experts and researchers for high-impact projects, all Ph.D. students will be offered a 100% scholarship – meaning they do not have to pay any tuition.

Usually, Ph.D. students have to find their own supervisors and identify their own research questions. In this program, we have already identified key research projects as well as built a network of leading Professors at VinUniversity and other world-class universities. Thus, all research students will participate in these key research projects at VinUniversity under the supervision and guidance of leading Professors in the field. The identified key fields are areas where Computer Science has the potential to create highly applicable and impactful breakthroughs, including: Smart health, Digital transformation, OptSimization, New generation materials, Environment intelligence, Sustainability.

The third differentiating factor of VinUniversity’s Program is its strong international connections – an important element in world-class research. . During the course of their Ph.D. studies at VinUniversity, students will have the opportunity to spend 1-2 years for exchange and research at the Labs of VinUniversity’s partners – all of which are leading universities in the field of Computer Science, such as: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), University of UC Berkeley, Cornell University, Stanford University, University of California — Los Angeles (UCLA), Monash University, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)…

Yes. The University will provide Ph.D. students with financial support of up to 25,000 USD/year during students’ 1-2 years exchange and research abroad (at VinUniversity’s partner universities). This support is part of Vingroup’s 1,100 Science and Technology Scholarships Program to train Masters and Ph.D. students abroad.

Yes. PhD students participating in research projects or working as teaching assistants at VinUniversity will receive an allowance of 1,000 USD/month.

The program is conducted entirely in English.

Candidates will be required to submit their application as instructed on VinUniversity’s website. Qualified candidates will be invited to a Technical Interview with VinUniversity professors. The final selection will be made by the Admission committee and will be notified to applicant.

For details on requirements and application process, please see this link.


Yes. The program will select excellent students from prestigious universities who earned a Bachelor’s Degree with Excellence and Distinction. In these cases, in addition to joining research projects as part of the Ph.D. Program in Computer Science, students will take additional courses in VinUniversity’s Master of Innovation in Artificial Intelligence program. These extra courses will incur additional fees and students are advised to discuss with their guiding Professors to come up with an appropriate financial plan.