Honoring VinUniversity College Of Business And Management’s Guest Lecturers – Hailed From Prestigious Businesses And Universities

March 7, 2022

In the Fall 2021 semester, the College of Business and Management had the honor of welcoming over 30 guest lecturers. They are Professors hailed from world-renowned universities and business leaders from various sectors, from Marketing and Finance to F&B, Hospitality Management and Tourism. Examples include the University of Sydney Business School, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology – KAIST, Ernst & Young, Vinpearl, VinBrain, LVH Global – a global leader in 5-star hotels and resorts, PPS Vietnam, Steak King Market, Shangri-La Group, 4Ps Corporation, Padobox Korea, Booking.com, Dragon Capital, etc.

Classes with Industry Guest Lecturers have become somewhat of a VinUniversity College of Business and Management’s “specialty”. With their breadth of experience, knowledge, and expertise, guest lecturers bring students stimulating and inspirational classes that will aid them in their journey to become the next leaders.

VinUniversity would like to convey our sincerest gratitude to all guest lecturers who have participated in this meaningful activity.

Before becoming a Professor at Cornell University, Prof. Dave Roberts has got 23 years of experience working for Marriott. Most recently, he was the Senior Vice President of Revenue Strategy & Solutions, with global responsibility for Revenue Management, Analytics, and Sales Systems. His advise for students who are interested in pursuing Revenue Management profession in particular and future career path in general has left deep impression among our students.

Having 10 years of experience in F&B industry at managerial levels, Ms. Ha Tran is currently a passionate leader of Vinpearl, and working as the CEO of Almaz International Convention & Cuisine Center. With her belief of creating impacts and helping others to be better off, she has been not only an industry advisor but also an inspirational role model for VinUniversity students.

Having great passion for hospitality industry in general, and F&B sector in particular, Mr. Hai has been exploring and pursuing every opportunities to develop himself in this career path. After obtaining valuable experience at several organizations in Cyprus and Dubai, he went back to Vietnam and is currently working as the General Manager of Vinholidays Fiesta Phu Quoc. With years of experiences working as General Manager, Mr. Christoph Strahm has provided students with valuable real-life knowledge about hotel operation and management.

Apart from being one of the Founding members at Food & Beverage Associates, Mr. Binh Nguyen is also the CEO of BDM Vietnam, a Country Manager, and an industry specialist in F&B, Business Strategy, Chain Store Development and Franchising.

General Manager with 20 years’ experience working for Accor, during CBM Curriculum Workshop, Mr. Mathieu Le Besq has given great insights to the profession and help students have a clearer picture of their career path.

With over 18-year experience as an Intrapreneur in the automotive industry spanning multiple brands, countries and specialties, Mr. Kee Min Chin has shared his valuable experiences in multi-cultural, multi-faceted environments. His personal philosophy is to create the circumstances in which we can maximize the potential of the team in relation to the situation and available data, while always keeping an eye on the fundamental objectives of the business.

Our Spring 2022 semester promises even more Industry Engagement Programs for students.

Opportunities to engage with world-class curriculum taught by leading Professors all over the world and learn real-world knowledge delivered by forefront business leaders right from the first year are the special advantages available to VinUniversity students.