“Your Kindness Matters” – Organised by VinUniversity Bachelor of Nursing Program, College of Health Sciences

Event date: 24/03/2022

🏆 Join the competition to win a Kindle reading tablet and many gift boxes from VinUniversity!

It has been 2 years since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and left heavy damages to the people’s lives around the world. However, it is in this difficult time that empathy and care among people shines through, connecting us with each other. Empathy and care have always been the characteristics of nurses.

💗 Aiming to spread the value and meaning of empathy and care to the community in the times of prevention against Covid-19, the Bachelor of Nursing program, College of Health Sciences organizes a competition called “Your Kindness Matters”. Join in the competition to spread positivity and kindness to others!


Share a moving story that you know/ witnessed or an unforgettable memory of yours when receiving care and empathy from others during the Covid-19 pandemic.

👉 Submission: Post your story on Facebook/ Instagram/ Tiktok account (in public mode), together with an image/ a video/ a drawing/ etc. related to the story with the hashtag: #VinUniversity #NursingProgram #VinUni_Yourkindnessmatters

⏰ Time: from 24th March to 14th April, 2022

🏆 Prizes:

– Judges Prize: 01 Kindle reading tablet for 01 winner having the most meaningful and impressive story
– Social Media Prize: 03 people with stories having the highest interaction rate on Social Media channels will receive a gift set from VinUniversity (1 like=1 point; 1 comment=2 points; 1 share=3 points)

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📩 Contact: nurse@vinuni.edu.vn