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VinUniversity Project, on behalf of VinTech, is pleased to announce the First Annual Workshops on Excellence in Teaching and Research on 14/10/2019 and 15/10/2019. Each one-day workshop will feature leading researchers and educators from VinUniversity and other leading universities. The goal of the workshops is to equip faculty with the skills and tools necessary to elevate the quality of teaching and research in Vietnam to meet global standards and to inspire them to implement them in their own research and teaching programs.

The Workshop on Teaching Excellence will feature undergraduate teaching and learning strategies that have been proven effective in teaching STEM and other disciplines. Attendees will participate in a series of hands-on, interactive exercises designed to drive home the principles and best practices of these teaching approaches. Additionally, attendees will develop a clear understanding of why and how these teaching approaches can motivate students and significantly improve student-learning outcomes.

The Workshop on Research Excellence will feature approaches, strategies and best practices for designing, conducting, and reporting research results, as well as publications in high-value journals. Attendees will work individually and in groups on one or more research ideas, research data, manuscripts or other research-related topics relevant to the workshop.

In addition to the classroom exercises, attendees will meet and network with the presenters and other attendees and build connections to continue collaborations in both research and teaching.