Register Now for the “Entrepreneurial Mindset: Customer Focus” Workshop, Organized by VinUniversity Enterpreneurship Lab

Event date: 21/07/2021

  • As a start-up founder, how can you identify your target customers to offer appropriate services?
  • What makes a potential business model from the customers’ perspective?
  • What are the deciding factors that drive customers to purchase a product/ service?

The next in the series of Entrepreneurship Workshops on Innovation and Creativity, co-hosted by VinUniversity Entrepreneurship Lab and its strategic partner, Cornell University, this workshop on “Entrepreneurial Mindset: Customer Focus” will focus on analyzing start-up businesses from their potential customers’ perspective. The event will also feature Prof. Tom Schryver, a visiting lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Cornell University, as well as an experienced entrepreneur, investor, founder and senior executive of high-growth companies. Prof. Tom Schryver has successfully structured many new businesses with his experience in successfully raising venture capital and getting grants and loans from local, state, and federal agencies.

The workshop’s agenda is as follows:

  • Time: 8PM – 9:30PM (ICT), Wednesday July 21st, 2021
  • The event will be held online via Zoom platform

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