Lecture on the Food Supply Chain by Cornell professor

Event date: 09/12/2020

We invite you to participate in the VinUniversity-Cornell Distinguished Lecture Series featuring a series of talks by researchers and academics from Cornell University, who have had and continue to have significant influence in the advancement of their discipline, and whose vision and achievements in research, teaching and their engagement with industry have been deeply influential in setting the research agenda in their fields.

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Lecture: Changes in Most Essential Lifeline: The Food Supply Chain


Edward W. McLaughlin

Interim David J. Nolan Dean
Charles Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Robert G. Tobin Professor of Marketing
Director of the Food Industry Management Program
Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
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Time: 5:00PM, December 09, 2020

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Abstract: The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted, many times over, the complex and vital role that the food supply chain plays in meeting the basic needs of consumers around the world.  Changes in consumer buying patterns, food production, distribution bottlenecks and new governmental restrictions have added immeasurably to the challenges of bringing food to households.  This seminar will discuss the functioning of the global food system and the disruptions that have beset it as a result of the pandemic.  Various outcomes for the future of the food supply chain, food companies and consumers will be explored.

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