International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality “Smart” Recovery

Event date: 09/07/2021

  • How do forefront experts and business leaders adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How has the pandemic affected tourists’ behaviours and the industry’s business mindset?
  • What are strategies to recover and develop the tourism – hospitality sector in the future?

Complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic have placed tremendous stress on the tourism – hospitality industry, and, with it, various socioeconomic problems. According to the UNWTO Report, the tourism – hospitality industry saw a loss of 1,000 billion dollars in revenue from the outbreak of the pandemic till now. Evidently, the sector is in need of development and coping strategies, in case of a prolonged pandemic. Such strategies call for cooperation between tourism management agencies, businesses and researchers.

In this context, VinUniversity is partnering with Griffith University (Australia) to develop the ‘Tourism & Hospitality Recovery and Development’ project, based on intra-regional network and governmental-business-academia cooperation between Australia and ASEAN countries. The project consists of 3 international conferences, where experts, business leaders and policy makers discuss 3 central topics: “Smart” Recovery; “Smart” Technologies; and Value Co-creation.

The first conference with the theme “Smart” Recovery will be held virtually via Zoom on July 9th, with in-depth analyses from 16 forefront experts, business leaders and representatives of tourism management agencies from Australia and ASEAN countries. We would like to invite researchers, business leaders, students or anyone interested in this topic to attend and discuss with our speakers.

To register, sign up through the link below:

  • Time: 9:00 – 13:00 (GMT + 7), July 9th 2021
  • Place: online (Zoom) (Link will be sent via email after submission of the registration form)
  • Agenda:

Part 1: The COVID-19 pandemic and adaptation strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry

Part 2: Changes in mindset and customers’ behaviours

Part 3: New thinking about Tourism

Part 4: Opportunities for recovery and growth