Grand Rounds Series: Money, Economics and Quality of Care – Prof. John Peabody

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Are you ready to embark on a journey through the intricate landscape of Health Economics, guided by a true luminary in the field? Brace yourselves for an exceptional event that promises to be both enlightening and inspiring!

Our course MEDI3070A and The College of Health Sciences at VinUniversity is thrilled to have you to “Grand Rounds – Money, Economics, and Quality of Care: The Evidence for Prioritizing Clinical Practice Measurement”. This remarkable event will also feature a captivating fireside chat on the exciting topic of Careers in Medicine and Healthcare.

🌟 Introducing Our Distinguished Guest Speaker 🌟

We are honored to host Professor John Peabody, a Global Health Expert, and the Distinguished Visiting Professor of the College of Health Sciences. Professor Peabody is renowned worldwide for his expertise in health economics, and he’s ready to share his invaluable insights with us. => Insert Poster

📅 Event Agenda:

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🔍 [Session 1: Money, Economics, and Quality of Care – The Evidence of Prioritizing Clinical Practice Measurement]

  • Explore the intricate web of Health Economics and its profound impact on healthcare
  • Understand how macroeconomic and microeconomic factors shape the healthcare environment
  • Gain knowledge that can truly transform your perspective on healthcare systems

🔥 [Session 2: Fireside Chat – A Career in Medicine and Healthcare]

  • Join the thought-provoking conversation as Professor Peabody discusses the exciting career opportunities in the healthcare sector
  • Discover how you can make a meaningful impact in the world of medicine and healthcare

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to engage with a true expert in Health Economics and glean from his wealth of knowledge! This is your chance to expand your horizons and explore the dynamic world of Health Economics.

Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered! We look forward to seeing you at this extraordinary event.

See you tomorrow!!