Program Overview

Program Description

Name of the degree Master of Science in Information Technology Management
Code (MOET)
Name of the program Master of Product Management in AI
Program duration 18 months
Total credits 60 credits

Program Purpose 

The purpose of the program is to develop future leaders in innovation with an in-depth understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and significant exposure to the management of innovation practice.  After graduation, students will be able to work as a team leader or in a management role in technology innovation projects.

Program Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Master of Product Management in AI program are that within a few years of graduation, the majority of its graduates will demonstrate excellence in (i) technical and managerial leadership tracks in technology-based industries or sectors; or (ii) pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. In these roles they will:

  • Apply knowledge in artificial intelligence to address a broad range of technical and societal problems;
  • Lead current and future innovation initiatives in artificial intelligence and related technologies;
  • Be leaders with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset, and effective communicators as members of multidisciplinary teams, both in the profession and in the community;
  • Engage with their communities, profession, the nation, and the world.

Student Outcomes

  • Understand and apply deep and broad advanced knowledge in both innovation management and artificial intelligence including design thinking, project management, strategic management, advanced machine learning and programming, probability and optimization, and advanced topics in artificial intelligence;
  • Understand and apply relevant interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • Understand and apply general knowledge of administration and management;
  • Have skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data and information to come up with solutions for technical problems in a scientific way;
  • Communicate effectively in a variety of professional contexts;
  • Have an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and an ability to lead themselves and others;
  • Have advanced skills in organization, administration, and management of projects in AI and related technologies;
  • Able to work under high pressure and dynamic environment;
  • Recognize professional responsibilities and make informed judgments and decisions based on legal and ethical principles;
  • Respect the law, work with high discipline;
  • Demonstrate a recognition of the importance of traditional values and national pride as well as global awareness;
  • Be willing to contribute to the community and to the professional field.